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Universal-credit.service.gov.uk – Today we can affirm that Universal Credits managed by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) have formally embraced Free universal credit number 0345 for their client benefit systems, making  calls now free (when you have comprehensive minutes).

Universal Credit Free Contact Number – 0345 600 4272

Universal Credit free contact numberThis is awesome news as it implies that clients who need to contact Department for Work and Pensions to keep an eye on Universal Credit (UC) applications, advise a change of address, gripe or who require general exhortation won’t be charged for calls from BT Landlines and will have the capacity to utilize comprehensive Mobile minutes without bringing about any extra expenses.

While the 0845 phone numbers do stay operational, DWP has begun finding a way to change all official correspondence with the goal that they mirror the new and conceivably less expensive/ free universal credit number 0345 utility.

In accordance with whatever remains of DWP, the Universal Credit Customer Service line has been moved from a 0845 Number to a 0345 Telephone Number.

This change is in accordance with late arrangement changes around slicing utilization expenses to profit inquirers when calling to report a change of Circumstances to the Universal Credit area or when they essentially need to pursue the advance of an application.

It is significant that while Free universal credit number 0345 are not actually “free” they are dealt with in an indistinguishable route from phone numbers starting 01 and 02 and thusly will be taken from your comprehensive minutes in the event that you are calling from a versatile. [source]

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